My Dad, Mechanic, Best Friend - John Newby

World's Greatest Mom - Wendy Newby

Big Sky MX Rider Support, Thunder Funding - Blitz Motorsports - Dypex Extreme and all of our supporters are pleased to be part of the support network for Levi Newby.  Many people have come together to support and sponsor a fine young man that exemplifies hard work, determination and the will to be a professional.  All of our sponsors understand that motocross, like any other sport, requires an abundance of resources to make it to the pro level.  Families that have middle class financial status and below, simply cannot afford to chase the dream alone, thus making support from outside sources mandatory for success. A giant thank you to these folks for their continued support of Levi and his family.


My amazing sisters (all 5!). From Left:

Sierra, Stevie Lynne, Cheyanne, Serena, Levi, Dad, Sam, Mom

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