Q. When did you enter your first race and how did you do?

A. My first race was a short cross country race called Mran and it was held just outside of Las Vegas. I was 3 years old and riding a PW50. I think I was a little scared but excited at the same time. I finished the race and remember how excited I was after it was over.

Q. How many days per week do you ride?

A. While in full-time training, I ride four days per week and I am usually at the track for four hours. Typically I'm in gear for about 1-2 hours each of those days. If I'm racing that weekend, we will cut the training days down to three per week. During the off-season, I'm lucky enough to have a track on our property that let's me get out and buzz around a bit. It keeps me on the bike and is a good place for a kid to spend time doing what he loves.

Q. Do you have a favorite part of the track like table-tops or whoops?

A. No doubt - I love the jumps. I love to practice whips and tricks on different style jumps. A friend of mine and my mechanic, Cole Meyer is a really good rider and we push ourselves to try new tricks over some good ones in Montana.

Q. I heard your whole family rides - is that true?

A. Yeah, pretty much. My sisters are all really good riders and the youngest, Stevie Lynn just competed in her first race at 3 years old. Another one, Serena, qualified for Loretta's last year. My Dad won multiple state desert racing titles and my Mom even gets on a bike for a trail ride once-in-a-while.

Q. Do you ever get scared in races, going so fast?

A. Not really scared, more nervous. Sitting at the starting line is a nervous time. I think everyone is nervous then. You have so much going through your mind but once the gates drop, the nerves take a back seat and the adrenaline takes over. From there, your just focused on winning.

Q. Who are your favorite riders and do you try to copy their styles?

A. I have a bunch of people I like watching that I would consider my favorites. Here's some of them:

  •    Ryan Dungey - He's really smooth and consistent
  •    Trey Canard - He is really nice and always has the ability to win and stay in front
  •    Eli Tomac - He's just been a favorite of mine for a long-time.
  •    Cooper Webb - Never seems to lose and is always fighting his way back
  •    Jeremy Martin - Amazing rider who had to fight his way to the top as an underdog
  •    Alex Martin - Came up without a factory sponsorship and always worked so hard to be the best

Q. I heard your also a surfer?

A. Yeah, a little. I went out and visited my friend John and his family in California. John is a surfer and took me out a bunch of times. The first day was rough. I came in with cuts and scratches but it got a little easier the next few times. It's a lot like motocross - the adrenaline, the waves always changing in size and shape and your always moving and fighting your way down a line.

Q. What do you like most about being a motocross rider and now National Champ?

A. The best part about riding and competing is I'm always with my family. We get to travel together in and camp during the races. It's been that way for a long time and we are a really close family because of it. Being a new champ is really cool and I am so thankful for all the support from everyone. Knowing that you can work so hard for something and then come away with a big win is really cool. Its given me more confidence in my ability and definitely made me more excited to keep it going.

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