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Big Sky MX Rider Support and all of our supporters are pleased to be part of the support network for Levi Newby. Many people have come together to support and sponsor a fine young man that exemplifies hard work, determination and the will to be a professional. All of our sponsors understand that motocross, like any other sport, requires an abundance of resources to make it to the pro level. Families that have middle class financial status and below, simply cannot afford to chase the dream alone, thus making support from outside sources mandatory for success.

Levi Newby is, by far, the best rider by age in the State of Montana and according to national amateur races recently attended, Levi is the best 250 C rider altogether. Levi is AMA 13 years of age competing in the 250 C class and is on track to qualify and compete at a level achieved by only a few riders his age. It takes more than skill to be a professional.  It takes skill, support and a family dynamic to create the total package. Levi’s family is made up of Mom and Dad, 5 sisters and himself. The whole family is behind him and they have committed to this mission together.

This is where a Bozeman, MT based organization was created to provide the needed support that every motocross family needs. Big Sky MX Rider Support is teamed up with Blitz Motorsports Yamaha to create perhaps one of the most unique programs in the industry. Our current supporters, Langlas and Associates, H and H Earthworks, Bright Corner Homes, Thunder Funding and BCE Engineers and others are not in the motocross industry. These supporters are businesses that truly understand the act of giving and helping a family and a special individual chase their dream. Our supporters have little to gain on the national stage as Montana & California companies and they are not in this for sales or kudos, rather our supporters know what it will take for Levi and his family to achieve their goals and are happy to help. As you can see, these companies, though un-connected to the motocross industry, have changed the way we can support and sponsor someone that is deserving. There should be more of this in all sports, as getting advertising should not be the first priority.

Our program is not complete!

Big Sky MX Rider Support, Blitz motorsports and all of gracious supporters have a three year commitment to get Levi to the pro ranks. We have purchased three (3) 2015 YZ 250F’s and outfitted the Newby’s with the bikes, custom graphics and some parts, oil and filters. We have some reserves for additional needs, but it is time for some industry companies to join the team.  We have amazing support from Troy Lee Designs, ENZO suspension and Rau Designs. We thank these companies for their continued support of Levi. Levi needs more industry support though, and we hope you will consider joining the team. We are being selective as we build this network, as we do not want to create unneeded brand conflicts.

We need your help and look forward to a conversation on how you can participate in the success of Levi Newby. Along with the continued exposure of graphics on his bikes at major races, constant Instagram and Facebook posts, Levi will come home, race and engage in some marketing photo shoots, articles and TV spots. Along with these events, Big Sky MX Rider Support, will chronicle Levi’s Journey in an on-line blog that will reach over 700 people per week, and growing, in Montana and the surrounding states.

Levi and his family will succeed. This is worth the time and commitment and we need your support to be part of the package.  Please contact me as soon as you can to discuss how you can be a part of this program.


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John Downing